A safe & inexpensive way to heat your home

RFC Services sells a varied range of Bio-ethanol fires to suit all styles of property. Bio-ethanol is produced from sugar beet and other cereal crops, and is considered carbon neutral. One of the most fascinating aspects of having a bio-ethanol burner is that there is no requirement for a chimney or flue. The products of the combustion process are simply carbon dioxide and a little water vapour. (But not the large quantities of water vapour associated with older style Calor gas heaters).

This allows the homeowner a large degree of versatility in the placing of the fire/burner into practically any room. With a choice of floor standing, wall mounted or indeed table top ones, imagination is your only limit. 

Specific bio-ethanol fires have been designed for fitting into cast iron fireplaces, to bring that old charm back to life, without the cold draughts, or you could have a hearth/grate mounted one for ease of use.


The Benefits of Choosing Bio-ethanol Fires

Aside from being incredibly versatile, the bio-ethanol fires are soot free, smokeless and require no gas supply. The fact they produce no smoke or soot means that they are very low maintenance, which in addition to being environmentally friendly is very appealing for many homeowners.

Bio-ethanol fuel can be bought directly from us with prices from £15 for 5 litres up to £200 for 100 litres. To find out more about these exciting products call us on 01473 727 583.

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