Repairs & Servicing

For those of you who currently have a gas fire or a solid fuel burner, it’s vital that you have it professionally serviced to ensure continued efficiency and safety. We offer a full range of services which includes the repair and servicing of gas fires and solid fuel burners.

Gas Fire Service & Repair

Carbon monoxide is a real threat with all fires, and because it is colourless, odourless and tasteless it’s more important than ever that your fire is checked by a registered Gas Safe engineer. Using appropriately qualified engineers, we will perform a full service which may include sweeping the flue, and if appropriate, undertake any required repairs.


Customer health and safety is very important to us and it’s for this reason that we provide gas fire servicing and repairs, together with the supply of Carbon Monoxide detectors as standard with every installation we undertake.

We are able to undertake CCTV examinations of your flue, whether for your own piece of mind, to resolve a problem or to satisfy insurance company requirements.

Solid Fuel Burner Service & Repair

Solid fuel burners that are not used correctly may produce a lot of soot and tar which can build up in the flue causing a dangerous restriction of the flue and the increased possibility of a chimney fire. It is essential that the flue is swept on an annual basis to keep this build up to a minimum, but it is also important to have the appliance serviced to ensure it is still operating correctly and efficiently.

Servicing is normally restricted to the summer months (between April and August) however repairs are available throughout the year. For more information call us on 01473 727 583.

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